Mission Statement

Gordon Primary School Mission Statement

Gordon Primary School strives to enable students to be confident, respectful and tolerant individuals who value learning.

Learning at Gordon Primary School is an ongoing process that builds on prior knowledge and experience. Students are taught to extend on this knowledge by analysing, conceptualising and applying ideas so that they can become critical thinkers who are able to solve academic and social problems with confidence. Students also develop literacy and numeracy skills that equip them for success in life.

At Gordon Primary School we value respectful relationships that foster understanding, care, compassion, tolerance, inclusion and honesty.  We value personal best, integrity and responsibility and we respect the rights and needs of others and ourselves.[1] Students are encouraged to delight in their school experiences, to build many warm and positive social relationships and to develop resilience.

The Gordon Primary School curriculum is designed and implemented with the belief that every student can learn. Dr William Glasser's 'Choice Theory'[2] provides the understandings that underpin learning and teaching. In accordance with 'Choice Theory', we recognise that each student has five basic needs: survival, love and belonging, fun, freedom and empowerment. We aim to help students successfully meet these needs in a happy, safe and positive environment. We support and encourage inquiry, exploration, risk taking and extending capabilities. Cooperative learning strategies are also strongly emphasised.

We share an understanding of what constitutes quality teaching based on the Quality Teaching model.[3] This model includes the domains of intellectual quality, quality learning environment and significance. The Glasser concept of 'quality schoolwork'[4] is used to embed high expectations and is embodied in the school's motto: Personal best valued and achieved.

The Gordon Primary School community is collaboratively created through partnerships between students, staff, parents and the wider community. The fundamental importance of family is recognised and strong cooperation between home and school is vigorously promoted.  Gordon Primary School is a member of the Lanyon Cluster of Schools[5] and the Murrumbidgee Learning Academy (MLA).[6]

Together with students' families, staff members support Gordon students to be:

  • optimistic and content regarding their view of themselves
  • joyful about their schooling
  • highly satisfied that they have achieved their personal best
  • excited about their futures
  • literate and numerate
  • critical thinkers and problem solvers
  • committed to lifelong and lifewide learning
  • knowledgeable and confident about how to pursue learning
  • tolerant and respectful
  • resilient
  • aware of their rights and responsibilities
  • committed to working and giving generously for the good of others, for local and global
  • communities and for the environment

[1] Values Statement endorsed by Gordon Primary School Board, July 2007.

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[5] Lanyon Cluster of Schools: Gordon, Charles Conder and Bonython Primary Schools and Lanyon High School.

[6] Murrumbidgee Learning Academy (MLA) an open group of collaborating ACT public schools(M.G. Bruce 11/12/12)