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Positive Behaviours for Learning


Gordon Primary School is a PBL school. PBL stands for Positive Behaviour for Learning. PBL is an evidence-based, whole school approach that supports students to become successful learners through setting clear expectations and explicit teaching of positive behaviours.

Our school wide PBL expectations are:

  • Be safe
  • Be respectful
  • Be responsible
  • Be a learner

Meet our PBL mascots, which were designed based on ideas from our students:

Safety Seal Mascot Safety SealResponsible Roo Mascot Responsible Roo
Respectful Rosella Mascot Respectful RosellaLearner Lizard Mascot Learner Lizard

Our school wide expectations are to be followed by everyone, all of the time. We also have some expectations for specific settings, such as the library, hall, playgrounds, toilets etc. These are outlined in signs arounds the school.

PBL Poster All Settings

An important part of PBL at Gordon is acknowledging students’ positive behaviour which meets our school expectations. Students are acknowledged in number of ways including verbally and with PBL awards.

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