Gordon School Band

The school band program is run in conjunction with the Instrumental Music Program (IMP). All instruments are loaned to students through the IMP. A band instructor from the IMP conducts each band rehearsals at the school during school time. A classroom teacher from the school also leads the students through their rehearsals and performances.

The band is a 2 year program (Year 5 and Year 6) with opportunities to perform at different events such as for school assemblies, for the residents of Amala, during Lanfest with Lanyon High and the IMP performance of Bandstrav at Llewellyn Hall.

Gordon is a woodwind band where we have such instruments as clarinets, flutes, percussion as well as oboe, piccolo, saxaphones.

Students learn how to play their instruments as well as how to read music and get to play different music from the vast collection of music scores.

For more information about Band at Gordon Primary please contact your child's teacher, the band teacher Mrs Sparks or have a look at the ACT Instrumental Music Program website http://www.imp.act.edu.au/our_programs/band