School Reports

The ACT public school system has a tradition of excellence in education and is a national leader in the implementation of the Australian Curriculum. The introduction of the Australian Curriculum and the use of common Achievement Standards to measure children’s learning has improved the already high levels of parent confidence in our schools. Reporting using the Achievement Standards will build on the ACT’s strong tradition of providing families with detailed information on the progress of their children.

Under ACT and Commonwealth legislation and regulations all schools are required to provide written reports of student achievement twice a year to parents of students in Preschool to Year 12. In the past there have been schoolbased formats for students in preschool – Year 10. All Year 1-12 students are required to receive grades using an A-E scale.

In 2019 the Education Directorate are introducing a common report format, for students in Kindergarten to Year 10, through the new Student Administration System (SAS). This change will occur via a staged implementation process, with some schools piloting the new report format in Semester 1, 2019.  Gordon Primary is moving to this new format this semester.

Please see the document below for more information.

Academic Reporting - PDF (455kb)